SMASH Care Community

Over the past two years, work has been taking place between NHS South Cheshire CCG, The South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance and the local authority, to form Care Communities across South Cheshire.

Care Communities are a concept of multiple agencies coming together to work towards improving the health and social care service provision for the local population. The Care Communities will work towards standardising and improving systems and processes to ensure all our patients receive the same level of care and quality of service no matter which GP practice they are registered with.

The SMASH Care Community covers Sandbach, Middlewich, Alsager, Scholar Green and Haslington which together has a patient population of 65,000 covered by 7 GP Practices.

Each Care Community is clinically led by a local GP from within its locality, for SMASH that is Dr Neil Paul. Each GP Practice within the SMASH locality has a nominated GP (and or Practice Manager) to work with the clinical lead to make decisions about what the local priorities should be and how services can be redesigned to improve local service provision.

Our Aims

To improve access to primary and community based services.

To ensure better outcomes for the local population and reduce inequalities.

To deliver cost effective prescribing / cost effective referrals and best practice management.

To reduce variation across the Care Community.

To utilise Innovative and working at scale to help seek productivity gains.

To utilise the Top 10 High Impact Changes as a framework for deciding on project.