What does it mean for me?

What being part of the SMASH Care Community means for you


If you work in a GP practice

Working alongside other local GP practices to be able to share and make best use of local resources and experiences.

Making greater use and awareness of local community providers.

Connected network of support for local health & care staff as well as patients.

If you work in the community

Opportunity to work more closely with health and care colleagues locally.

Flexibility to adapt services and models of care based on the needs of the local population.

If you’re a patient

You’ll only tell your story once.

You’ll be in control and charge of your health.

There will be facilities and opportunities to improve your overall health and wellbeing.

You’ll be treated as a whole person and not just a ‘disease’ or ‘body part’.

This will work to improve local population health and ultimately reduce the number of bed nights.